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Few Sight Seeings in Nigeria

  • Yola – Located towards the North east, is the capital of Adamawa State. The most appealing thing is the beautiful chain of hills in the town especially the three sister hills standing side by side with the same height.  In the months of March and May the city rejoices it’s fishing festival at Lake Njuwa when the tourists hurriedly book the flights to Lagos to be the part of the festival. 

  • Birnin Kudu - the town is located in the state of Jigawa. It is distinguished for the captivating ancient paintings, made on the rocks expressing information about the lifestyles of the civilizations in the area.

  • Agbokim Waterfalls – Few kilometers away from the Cameroon border is located this charismatic site called Agbokim Waterfalls. The site offers the best picnic spot. The falls are amiably bordered by lush green plantations.

  • lgbo-Ukwu - is an ancient town and the bronze artifacts of 9th century discovered in 1938 from here is the most appealing thing in the town.So save your time and money, call us now and get the Lagos flights on practically budget friendly flights deals for Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and many other destinations in Nigeria.  London Gatwick, Aberdeen, New Castle, Teesside, Cardiff, Humberside, Edinburgh, Manchester, Heathrow, and many more, you may get the cheapest flights to Lagos from all major airports of UK.